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Investing made Investing made
for >> everyone.

Shape your future financially and get more out of life.

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Invest and shape your future.

VIVE is a smart goal-driven investment app helping you to realize your financial objectives. Start investing for the ultimate trip you always wanted, college tuition for your kids, supplementing your retirement plan, or just building wealth.

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Every dream imaginable.

Seriously. Design your future financially with small or big goals. VIVE creates a perfectly fitting investment strategy for all your goals. And create as many goals as you like. Investing has never been so easy.

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A solid retirement plan.
A trip around the world.
Your own sailboat.


Create a goal – the ultimate trip, a retirement plan or just building wealth. VIVE immediately builds a suitable investment plan.


Change of plans. No problem. Provide your money a new destination. VIVE updates your investment plan in seconds.


Unable to contribute this month? That happens. Just hit the pause button and suspend your contributions until it’s convenient again.


A suitable strategy for every goal.

Earn better returns. VIVE selects the best suitable investment portfolio – consisting of stock, bonds, corporate bonds and real estate – that matches with your unique goal and preferences.

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VIVEs fully managed, globally diversified investment portfolios are structured to realize optimal returns at various levels of risk.


To balance growth and stability, VIVE reduces portfolio risks in line with your goal and preferences towards the end date.


Drive positive Environmental, Social or Governmental impact alongside financial results.


Future of investing

VIVEs powerful investment tools and notification features are designed to personally assist you during your investment journey. Advanced planning, investing, monitoring and guidance tools provide better risk-adjusted returns and a smoother investing experience.

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In Control

See the development of your investments in real-time. VIVE monitors progress of all your goals.


Receive personalized guidance to assist you realizing your goals. No more surprises.


Get notified after activities in your investment account. Set performance notifications to stay up to date.

Start with goal‑driven
>> investing.

Invites roll out in batches starting summer 2019. Public launch Autumn 2019.

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