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Discover the smart app that makes investing easy. Vive helps you reach your goals financially. Investing made for everyone – also for you.

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Invest and reach your goals

Start investing for the ultimate trip you always wanted, college tuition for your kids, supplementing your retirement plan, or just building wealth. Investing has never been easier.

Vive creates an optimal investment strategy that best fits your specific goal and investment preferences. The app constantly informs you about performance and progress – and offers opportunities to improve your plan.

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Sustainable Investments

Great returns and investing sustainable for a better world can go together. Vive invests solely in sustainable funds that meet both requirements. The selected funds offer a great return while at the same time having the lowest environmental impact and highest social and managerial standards. In the end, Vive helps you to achieve your goals with the least adverse impact on society and planet.

Environment, Social and Governance

The basis for sustainable and responsible investing is the ESG-standard that represents non-financial factors as Environment, Society and Governance. All selected investment funds – and underlying companies and countries – are constantly measured and assessed against the ESG-standard and the results are published. At Vive, we believe it is important to be transparent about the sustainability and social responsibility of all our investments.

You are in control

Create a goal

A financial safety net, just building wealth, a sabbatical, or something completely different. Create any goal and Vive creates a suitable investment strategy, helping you achieve your goals.

Adjust your plan

With Vive, you can always adjust your plans. Provide your money with a new destination and Vive immediately updates your plan and investment strategy to match your new objective.

Pause your plan

Unable to contribute this month or is a big expense coming up? No problem. Just pause your plan and start again at your convenience.

The best mobile investing experience

Vive has created advanced tooling for planning, investing, monitoring and guidance. They provide you with an optimal risk-adjusted return and an overall smooth investment journey. Our carefully designed app offers a superieur investing experience.

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5 reasons to invest with Vive

  • Bespoke investment strategies
  • Advanced risk management
  • Real time planning
  • Sustainable investments
  • Low fees